Following Our Roots

Following Our Roots

March 15, 2018

 ~What We Stand For~

Heritage, it's something that defines who we are as people. Engrained in us, is the ancestry that laid the path for who we are. Many have blood of those who suffered persecution or worked hard so that we may live in the technologically advanced society that we see today. However today more than ever, heritage is being pushed further and further away from day to day life. In some cases, we are even embarrassed to share our heritage based on the backlash that it has been receiving from our current administration. A topic of much talk recently has been The American Dream, and how our country of America has been instituting policies that pull others away from achieving success in this country. The same success that many of our ancestors chased when immigrating from various countries. The goal of Compordach, is to bring heritage back into our society. 

With Saint Paddy's day looming around the corner, many Irish people, whether first generation or multiple generations away from those ancestors that first came here, come out in massive numbers to celebrate. This holiday, which is designed to represent the patron saint of the Irish, has progressively changed. Where it was once a celebration of heritage, it has turned into (in most cases) a mockery of who we really are as a people. The traditional clothing items for this day include no representation of who we are as a people, and is more so a reinforcement of traditional stereotypes of the country. People will often say that they are 'Irish' only when it is St Paddy's day. This sort of disregard for our country is what we here at Compordach are striving to move past. Instead, we want to combine the modern fashion trends of today with the heritage that was engrained years ago. 

It is unreasonable to expect that today we should use the same garments from years past to represent our 'Irishness'. Instead, Compordach strives to combine our heritage with the clothing we desire and see fashionable in this modern society. Our heritage can be seen immediately from our name. Compordach, a Gaelic word, translates directly to comfortable. This, is the number one factor that is taken into account when producing our garments. Our climate in Ireland, as well as in the US, is very unpredictable and unforgiving. Because of this, we want to give our people a brand that represents them and protects them from the elements. This, is how we are following our roots. 


~Nicholas James Hegarty



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