How We Started

How We Started

March 17, 2018

~ How We Started ~

On September of 2016 I, Nick Hegarty, decided to create Compordach Clothing. My entire life I have dreamed of owning my own company. This dream became a reality when I decided to pursue the creation of my favorite clothing item, outerwear. When thinking of various concepts and visuals for my clothing I wanted to keep in mind the two aspects of my life and the lives of many others that defined who I was. These two aspects are a mix of modern American style of clothing combined with that of my Irish heritage. The inspiration of the Compordach range is rooted in the modern and simplistic style of clothing that is evident today in the world of fashion and everyday life. This style can be seen right away through the eyes of anyone who decides to take a look at my brands clothing items. However, what is under the surface and cannot be seen at first glance is the key underlying factor that holds the brand together. This, is who I really am and this is my Irish heritage. The celebration of Irish heritage can be seen immediately by the name of the company. Compordach, a Gaelic word, translates directly to "Comfortable" and is the key factor in the production of any item. Staying true to your heritage while also embracing the life and world you experience today is what Compordach is all about. Become a part of the  Compordach movement and show who you really are today!

~Nicholas James Hegarty 

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